Rules to Pick and Pair the Best Dress for Prom

What are you wearing at prom this year? You would be amazed to find the variety inghmhgmhjm, dresses for girls in all categories whether it is gowns, lace dresses or these sequin dresses. As it is prom, you would wish to be the center of attention of all so you don’t just need any dress, you have to pick the most beautiful one.

There are some rules for picking dresses and wearing them which all girls should know. Let’s explore some ideas to learn about these rules:

Choose High Neckline Dress

If you want to keep your sparkly dress look sophisticated, then it should have a high neckline. Everyone at the prom would be staring at the beauty of your dress. Do not aggregate by over accessorizing, keep the look simple.

Jumpsuit and Jacket

If you have worn an elegant jumpsuit, to make it look edgier, why not pair it up with a metallic jacket? If you are not the kind of golden girl with everything sparkly, this would just do the work. Instead of always wearing


What was limited or should we say considered to be the staple clothing for the working class of the western culture in America has taken its place on the red carpet now. If you haven’t guessed by now, I am not talking about the western dresses; in fact I am talking about the jumpsuits. We commoners are inspired by the trends that our favorite celebs wear and we try to imitate them unabashed, the current trend making hot waves right now is jumpsuits online that one can easily search (something that resembles to the one your celebrity was wearing) from the online shopping fashion sites.


Red carpet dressing or should we call it the holy trinity, supposedly the safe bet for the red carpet, aka, fairytale gowns, jewels and fancy hair-do’s, is now changing with the changing trends. Among these floor length gowns or western dresses, one can see young celebs like Kristen Stewart daring to look different.

In the recent Cannes festival, current heart throbs of Hollywood, Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence both wore stunning jumpsuits and former Bond girl Sophie Marceau was dressed by Giorgio Armani in a sparkly sequinned one,

How to Identify Your Personal Colors and Designs

Retail therapy has an undeniable charm for each woman. Walking into a garmenthmj,jh., store, browsing through all the lovely colors and patterns, imagining self in those amazing outfits and after much deliberation, choosing what you think is THE best, is like owning the world.

But you would have had that experience where, your favorite dress didn’t look the same after you brought it home. It didn’t suit you as much as you thought it did. One thing to be remembered is that clothes look different, with you and without you. All you need to do is be careful while choosing the colors and patterns.

Here are some tips to help you identify your personal colors and designs.

  1. Find the shades that support you

You must have heard people say that dusky people shouldn’t wear dark colors since it makes their complexion all the more dull, while fair complexioned people should wear dark or bright colors so that they don’t look pale.

But if you have noticed, some the dark colors enhance do suit dusky people. In fact, it depends upon your features, eye color,

How To Make The Right Choice Buying High Heels

A large number of women love high heels because they make them look and feel sexy.fgnhmhm The shoes have a way of adding to a woman’s sway as she walks and they can actually be very empowering when they are worn sensibly. However, it cannot be ignored that high heels can make you suffer, especially when you end up making the wrong shoe choice. Very high shoes can end up stressing the feet and this will not end well and the same goes for shoes that are not the right fit. But by making a few considerations before you make a purchase, your chances of getting high heels that will make you suffer are greatly reduced.

Heel width – There are so many types of high heels and they come with different heel widths. To make sure you make a choice bound to be comfortable for your feet, let your body frame guide you in making the choice. It is advisable for lean women to go for thinner heels and for women with larger frames to choose shoes with thicker heels.

Heel length – When going for high heeled shoes,

Four Ways To Style A Scarf

Scarves are basically a rectangular piece of fabric. But their style and functionality arekuyokyluy undeniable. Men’s scarves have been around since 2000 years and have been an important part of military uniform, from the Terracotta Warriors of China to modern-day aviators. In winters, scarves serve an important function- that of keeping your neck warm, the part of your body that loses the most heat. In addition, by tying the scarf in various ways, you can add flair to your winter attire. Not sure how to go about with the different knots and drapes? Here are four simple ways to tie your scarf and look dashing on a cold winter’s day or evening.

Parisian Knot

Scarf tying styles are of different kinds. The most popular way to tie a scarf, the Parisian Knot is used by lots of men. The requirement here is a long scarf. Start with folding the scarf in such a way that it becomes half of its original length. Hand the folded scarf across your neck, keeping the loose and looped ends across your chest. Next, pull the loose ends through the loop and tighten

How to Add Style to a Plain Pair of Shoes

For any shoe fan, finding the right style in the right size for any occasion is often afdhgfjfgj tricky business. In fact, as every woman knows, it is possible to spend hours online browsing through collections or a whole day on the high street looking for a pair for a big event and still come back empty handed.

With this in mind, there is a new player entering the fashionable footwear arena offering the opportunity dress up shoes like never before. This new trend is making it possible to create the ideal footwear for your special occasion and add a touch of your own unique sense of style.

Shoe clips – the new and innovative way of styling shoes – are nifty items that come in a variety of styles and are becoming increasingly popular on the market today as a way of customizing shoes for very little expense. It come in a variety of different styles and designs, some of which will be looked at in this article.

One of the most popular types that you may have noticed around are boot chains. As the name

Womens Love Affair With Luxury Handbags

There is no doubting the fact that women have an ongoing love affair with luxuryfhmj,jh handbags. Purse blogs or e-magazines and comments on purse forums indicate that some women are actually obsessed with them. There are women who actually own hundreds of luxury handbags which collectively are worth thousands of dollars. Social media and Dr Google publish images of the well-to-do, celebrities and royals who are seen out and about with different bag for each outfit. They come in various colors to match each shade and style of their outfits.

It is easy for the rich and famous, celebrities and royals have to have a large collection of luxury handbags. But the typical working woman or the stay at home mum can hardly afford to pay such high prices to realise her dream. The actuality is that most bag-loving women will go without other things in order to fulfil her desire for a new bag.

What sacrifice would you have been prepared to make to bid for the Hermes Birkin which recently sold at auction for over $200,000? Made of exquisite pink crocodile skin, it is adorned with

5 Types of Mesh Fabrics Used for Making Clothes

A versatile piece of fabric, Mesh is used in different types of clothing items, crafts andfgjmhmhm utility items. Mesh is actually an open-hole fabric which is weaved to a grid-shaped style. The fabric can be styled into a skirt or a top. It can also be used to make vibrant tote bags of different colors or hair-nets. If you have set up an apparel and accessories store, it can be a good idea to keep some outfits and accessories made of mesh. Read and know all about the 5 different kinds of mesh that are available in the market, and commonly used by 3D Spacer Mesh Fabric manufacturers to make clothing and accessories.

Polyester mesh fabric

It is used commonly as side panel inserts in athletic outfits. This kind of fabric is breathable in form and can wick away moisture easily from the skin while carrying out various sporting and athletic activities. The sheer fabric is also used by fashion clothing designers in the form of overlays to add dimension and texture to tricot and other materials with a flat weave. The delicate parts of the body can

5 Winter Brands That Show You Have Style

Whether you consider style to be a certain type of fabric, a particular color pattern, orvh,jh.,kh. even a certain cut, there is one thing for certain – classic is always a great choice. Four unique brands – Dale of Norway, KJUS, Patagonia, The North Face, and Bogner all prove that sometimes, the best way to show you have style is to stick to the basics.


Bogner is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of winter gear, and their selection ranges from beautifully-printed long-sleeve tops to zip-front hoodies. Among their most popular offerings are the Fire & Ice line of products, which include several down-filled ski jackets and vests designed to keep you warm and toasty in style. They come in a variety of lengths and colors to suit your needs and preferences, including knee length for extra warmth as well as styles that fit to the waist. Finally, their knit hats are the perfect way to keep out the cold while dressing to the nines.

Dale of Norway

Dale of Norway offers an entire line

Make Style Statement With the Perfect Bag

When the question comes to outfit, it is no longer a question of necessity. With thefgnmhfmhm turn of 21st century, glamour and style are the keywords that are associated with outfits. Our minds are no longer caged in any stereotype beliefs, nor do we follow the actors and actresses blindly, because what might suit on them might not suit us at all. And moreover, who wants to follow the crowd, we all want to make style statements of our own and want to scream to the world that we are unique. It should most definitely be reflected in the way how we personalize our outfit with accessories and how can we not think of ‘bags’ when it comes to accessories?

Remember, a bag can totally change the outlook, so it is very important to select it right. Here are some powerful tips to help you select the bag that suits you.

Set a Budget that Suits You

To have a happy life and lifestyle, it is important that we know our means and not exceed it. Firstly set a

Thigh High Boots Are The Way To Go

Thigh high boots are an exciting addition in the wardrobe of women. These boots gohfmhgmgm up to knees making you look more attractive. As a matter of fact, thigh high boots are on the list of most favorite accessories of women. If you are into these boots, you may want to know more about them. Once you have become familiar with them, you may want to get yourself a pair.

These boots are known by different names, such as over-the-knee boots, crotch boots, thigh-length boots and thigh boots, just to name a few. Many girls put them on to look hot. Some people think that these boots are associated with whores, which is a stupid thought. That is the reason some women don’t wear them since they don’t want to be labeled as sluts. But you should reject this notion as they say “if you like it, do it”. Therefore, go ahead, get your hands on a pair of thigh high boots, and show your elegance.

If you are interested in buying these bits, you can check out a variety of them in the market or on online

5 Useful Tips for Creating an Awesome Custom T Shirt

Designing a custom t-shirt for a special event like a family reunion, vacation, or sporthfm,jh, event can be a difficult process. While it might be easy to imagine the design in your head, it is usually much more complicated to get the image physically looking good for a custom-made t-shirt. Here are five of the steps involved in producing an awesome looking graphic t-shirt:


In order to create the perfect design for the t-shirt it usually helps to complete a wide-ranging brainstorming session that includes all aspects from the concept to full production. While the actual design or the look of the t-shirt will take up most of the time and effort, it is also essential to consider other aspects such as graphic placement, printer type, ink types, style of t-shirt, and colors.

Hand-draw designs

Before heading to the printers make sure to hand-draw several different design concepts to get a better appreciation of what the t-shirt might look like when it rolls off the production line. By drawing on paper, it is easier to see how the end design looks and this can avoid

6 Fashion Items That Will Change the Way You Work Out

Women working out at the gym fall into one of two camps. They are either afgngfngm Glamazon or a Bag Lady. The Glamazon is the one who shows up at the gym in full makeup, fully accessorized and perfumed, and just struts around the gym. For the Glamazon, actually working out at the gym would ruin her outfit. The Bag Lady is the exact opposite. She just threw on whatever was closest to her (not the cleanest thing closest to her, just the items closest to her). You can recognize her as the one that you don’t realize is a woman until you overhear her speaking. If she fell asleep by the front door of the gym, she would wake up with coins all around her from the benevolent gym goers attempting to alleviate the homelessness situation in their city.

There is a middle ground between Glamazon and Bag Lady. It is the sweet spot of gym style, and it is also functional, so you can actually work out at the gym. What a novel idea! So in case you run into prince charming or your ratchet ex-boyfriend who

What to Wear When You Want to Feel Cozy

You think about what is in your closet and there seems to be a cavernous gapfgmj,.k between nice clothes and hang around, cozy clothes. You opt for the latter because you just need to get on with your errands and feel comfortable.


Comfort is often the number one consideration when getting dressed. And, in case you think I’m going to say comfort is overrated, suck it up and put on whatever you need to look good… Surprise! I’m not. I seek comfort, too!

Depending on where you are going there are degrees of comfort, but there is never a need to be in distress when you get dressed. In today’s fashions comfort can be had at every level of refinement.

Whether you are dressing up or dressing down, comfort can reign, but it is not the only consideration so don’t stop there!

Right now, let’s talk about what happens when you need to run around on a Saturday afternoon or when you get home from work and you are at the park with the kids or going

To Tote Or Not To Tote Bag

This nonchalant little bag is used by women, men and teenagers in every walk if life. Ithfmhmhm can be a stylish shoulder bag or it’s the workhorse bag. Whatever you use it for it’s a great carry all. Use it for carrying groceries on the weekend or use as an everyday bag for all your lunch, books and personal items, it’s one of the most versatile bags you can own.

This fashion icon or work horse comes in an array of sizes, shape, color, prints, materials, patterns and so on. This easy style bag should be recognized for helping us move through our everyday life or weekend getaway.

As a society we have become very conscientious in not over using disposable plastic bags and opted to use tote bags in its place. This is overall better for our environment and Earth, less waste and kudos to you if you are one of the people using a tote bag.

I see a big trend in this ordinary bag as many designers are transforming this simple tote into a fashion statement. The tote bag is giving new life by

Staying Warm Go To Ideas

People have different multiple jobs and responsibilities and sometimes we say thathgkjhl,klki this person “wears many hats”. Halloween is out that means that we are getting closer to a season everyone loves. That’s right, the colder more somber part of the year is right around the corner. We would like to talk about all the different types of hats and accessories there are available for the cold season. Hats are just something small compared the all the accessories there are for the cold season.

Yes we are close to that time of year. That time of year when can barely feel your fingers and when going to parties means staying warm and cozy. When getting out of the house we often forget where we place our glove but our favorite beanie or scarf can take place into a better warm place for our bodies. There are many layers you can wear to stay warm!

Everyone loves to shop! We have not met a person who has said that they hate shopping. Reason being is because you have the option to personalize the things you already have. Patches give

Take on the Cold Weather in Style and Comfort With Heated Clothing

While cool winds during summers are a lifesaver, during winters they are just thefmhmhmk.,jlk. opposite! When the temperature drops, it can be unbearable to even step out of the door, let alone brave the cold winds and engage in outdoor activities. While one may argue that it is possible to put on layers of warm clothing, it isn’t actually a functional solution because wearing too many layers of clothing is quite uncomfortable and it also restricts one’s movements. The ideal solution to count on here is heated clothing. This is a special type of clothing wherein resistance wires are embedded between the inner and outer layers of the clothing so as to generate heat for keeping the wearer toasty and comfortable.

Heated apparel is mostly designed for individuals who engage in sports and physical activities during the cold weather. They are designed for motorcycle riding, winter biking, diving, downhill skiing, trekking, snowmobiling and other outdoor activities. They are powered by batteries. The amount of heat generated by the clothing depends upon the type and wattage of the batteries used. There are different types of heated clothing available out there

How Pashminas Shawls And Scarfs Are Made

Pashminas are generally made in black, grey, white, or cream colors depending on thehkjk,hjl, color of the goats’ hair they are made from. The process of which Pashminas are made is quite extensive as they are all made by hand. The goats’ hair is collected every spring to make the scarves. The people who shear the goats make sure to turn the goats on their back because the hair on their stomach is softer and the hair that lies under it is also some of the softest on the goat. One scarf requires about three coats from the goats. The hair is then spun on a hand spinning wheel which is a time taking job. In order for the job to be done correctly, it requires experienced spinners.

Each spring, farmers climb the Himalayas to find the softest hairs on the mountain goats. In order for the goats to survive the high altitudes on the mountains, they grow inner hairs underneath the thick coat. These smaller hairs are the ones that are generally chosen to be woven into the scarves.

The yarn from the goat hair is too

Making Your Own Fashion Statement

“The difference between style and fashion is quality.” – Giorgio Armanihkmj,k.

Dressing rich on a limited budget and feeling great in whatever you wear, requires planning. Start by concentrating on the classics. These are fashions that have been around a long time and include straight pencil skirts, or A-line dresses that you dress up or down. Others include: blazers, silk blouses, pumps and pearls.

In planning what to wear, always know that clothes are more than protection from exposure to the wind, sun and rain, or a covering for public decency. Your clothing can be imaginative. Certain designs can entertain, attract, and tease the senses of the observer.

Think of your clothing not as lifeless textiles draped on lifeless figures, but as living, vital, fashion voices that reveal your own personality and individuality. These inventive and sometimes absurdly expensive yards of silk, wool, cotton, and man-made blends you have hanging in your closet, are not clothes until you put them on, move, and live in them. Clothes are designed to enhance a living, breathing, moving body.


Imagine your garment as a decorative extension

How to Wear a Cross Body Bag

Cross body handbags are one of the most popular fashion trends in recent years, withhmjg,kh. this design being able to be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. There are also numerous high street and designer options in many different styles, which means that there really is a style that will suit everyone and fit all different types of budget too.

This kind of handbag, however, can be relatively difficult to style, with many people not knowing whether it is more suited for a day look or an evening look, or if it suits their particular body shape. Others can be concerned with how large the bag should be, or how low it should hang.

The first thing to bear in mind is that cross body handbags are a great practical option; that is to say they are much more about a blend of style and practicality rather than just a stylish accessory. These are the bags that you will take out shopping with you, or on a day out when you need your wallet, sunglasses, makeup, cardigan, your phone and a spare pair of ballerina flats.